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Thread: Going to b 3 part problem... Needing assistance

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    Going to b 3 part problem... Needing assistance

    Ok... I wanna give short history.. Then hope someone has input... I'm fairly computer savvy...can root my phone or not, right now I'm not rooted...

    I know someone has put spy wear on my phone, I believe it's the kind that can b remotely installed and uninstalled. I know it's not there all the time. I've backed up my phone with backup pro. I use handcent, with a privacy box for all my texts. Idk if anyone knows this (I'm sure most do) but if you use a privacy box the texts don't show up on most of the spy apps.. 2 problems I can't back up privacy box mms, and if I move the stuff out of the privacy box, they show up on the spy app log (I think).

    I want to wipe my phone and sd card.. But I know the software will be able to be reinstalled remotely.... If I rerun my restore after I wipe, I think I'm going to also reinstall the spyware. I'm certain it's a high end spy app.

    How can I save my mms and texts and really everything on my phone without being in this vicious circle? And ...

    After I wipe it what spy app can I personally install to see what someone else is doing on my phone? Or is there something now I can find a log of when data is transmitted to the remote server..b4 I wipe everything?

    Ask any questions you might have for clarity ill do my best to help anyone who's experienced in this category understand what I'm trying to do or even why.. Thanks in advance..
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    Have you tired using a firewall? I think you need root, but it could save you the trouble of wiping your phone. I've never tried any of the firewall apps, but from what I understand they let you control what gets access to the net (At least they do on PCs). It might be a little bit of a annoyance at first, but if works, it could be worth it for ya. You can find several in the play store.


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