Root access
Rooting allows the user to gain root access to the operating system, enabling full control over the phone. Common use cases for rooting are the ability to remove unwanted software that came with the phone, and to install a different Android distribution, such as CyanogenMod, which provides additional features. Root access can be gained through the use of 'one-click' apps on Android 2.2, which only require that the app be installed on the phone and do not require a connection to a PC. An update to Android 2.3 prevents root access from being obtained with 'one-click' apps, with this newer version a connection to a PC is required to obtain root access.

Reviews of the Droid X have been favorable. CNET gave the phone an 8.3/10 and praised the 8-megapixel camera as well as the HDMI output capability. PC Magazine gave the phone 8.7/10 and said that the Droid X was a true iPhone 4 competitor. The phone was an immense success, becoming the second highest-selling phone of August 2010, right behind the iPhone 4.