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Thread: Battery

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    How is everyones battery doing? Since the most recent update my battery has gone to crap. Im running stock 2.3.3 with the .605 update. Granted my battery is old (I got my phone the day it came out) but I should still get more than 5 hours of light usage (sending maybe 10 texts) before i hit 50%.

    Display is taking up 36%
    phone idle 22%
    cell standby 18%
    voice calls 6%
    android os 5%
    handcent sms 4%
    wifi 2%
    facebook messenger 2%
    motorola services 2%
    motorola contacts something 2%

    is there anything i can do short of complaining to big v till i get a new battery?
  2. Droid Ninja
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    Some believe that doing a Factory Reset will restore some of the unusual battery drain.
    Some believe that letting the battery drain fully and then recharging it fully (a couple of times?) will get the battery to recalibrate, and restore it a little.

    I use JuiceDefender.

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    Since gb my battery life dropped by a third with the same usage as before. I've just got used to the fact. I downloaded the recent update when it first came out and there was no difference that I could tell. But today my X showed 30% @ 4hrs 55min. I don't what the heck happened, but my usage stats where almost the same as yours so who knows. I have an extra battery I purchased on Amazon. I'll try that one. I purchased my x just before last Christmas but who knows, maybe the battery is much older than that.
    My x is stock, never rooted.

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