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Thread: Droid X Battery Questions

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    Droid X Battery Questions

    Ok so I have 2 questions, 1 is pretty simple, the other is well.. yea lol.

    Is there a way to turn on my phone without the battery in?
    (Like plugging the AC Adapter into your laptop without your laptop battery in it)

    Is there any way to lower my battery usage "Display"
    My phone usage is always
    Display - 45% or higher
    Phone Idle - 10-20%
    Cell Standby - 10-15%
    Everything else - 30-40%?

    I have my brightness all the way down, lock timer on the lowest. But my phone always seems to lose its majority of battery to my Display. I always have GPS, Wifi, ect. off. It is never on airplane mode though. I just don't understand why my Display takes up so much battery but my other friends phones don't. My phone lasts me throughout the day but I feel like it should last longer.


    Oh yea also is there any HDMI to RCA cables or FEMALE HDMI to RCA Cables? For my phone. (So i guess it would be Micro HDMI to RCA)
    So something like only FEMALE type or micro type?
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    On every Droid X I have seen, unless it is just turned on and left sitting without use, display is always the highest use. The way the percentages are calculated is based off of the amount of battery used. So for example, your display has used 45% of 50% of the battery (which means you have 50% remaining). That can mean a couple of things:
    1. You are actively using the phone. Playing games, web surfing, etc.
    2. There is an app running in the background that is doing something weird and not allowing the phone to 'sleep' which is causing the display to record as on.

    You say you are getting through the day, which is about average depending on how you use the phone. What is your display on time show, as well as the time unplugged?
    Droid X rooted .602. Overclocked to 1.15ghz at 60 volts. Can run 1.4ghz stable.


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