I just got back from the UK and thought I'd share a couple experiences I see a lot of questions about. I have a rooted Droid X (Verizon) on Gingerbread.

1. GPS
- No, the Google Navigation does not work. In a hotel with WiFi, I was able to have it find my location, but as I drove to the destination, it did not track me along. There are lots of posts on why this is the case. I was able to utilize the map Google Navigation drew in the hotel before I left and have my friend follow it as I drove telling me when to turn.

2. Skype
- I removed "Skype Mobile" and added "Skype." I preloaded $10 on it and it worked great. Anywhere there was WiFi I could do free Skype-to-Skype or just call a US land/mobile line for $0.062 for the first minute and $0.023 for each additional minute per call.

3. Netflix
- Netflix does not work in Europe.

I hope people find this helpful. I always use the posts on this site and I'm hoping I can contribute back in some way.