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Thread: Droid X V.S Thunderbolt

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    Post Droid X V.S Thunderbolt

    I got to play with the thunderbolt(two of 'em :X) and I just wanted to point out a few things that makes the thunderbolt greater than the droid x v.s less greater than the droid x.

    Thunderbolt Good&Bad&Overallz:
    •4G(Only in places that have a network there. The owner who got to use 4g,(I didn't get to see the 4g because where I met them didn't have it) she could tell a biiiig differences in the speed v.s the 3g. Although, could of been just overreacting lol.)
    •32GB sdcard(I can't even get my 16gb filled up lol. . .)
    •True 8mb camera(Meaning no black bars when taking a picture(I think though this is because it has the new option to make all options in widescreen mode therefore, you can use 8mb camera with widescreen enabled. Unlike Droid X, where you only have the option for "LARGE 8mb" with the only other option for widescreen(5mb) Although, the Droid X still takes great with using the 5mb settings. Oh, and the video recording is the same, so no worries there.)
    •New ability to change phone's skin(Meaning that you can change the notification bar as well as some other things without having to root to change it yourself. Although, they don't have a skin ability to change notification to transparency.)
    •Already has that nice look to it in settings.(I mean it has already the nice icons in settings which the Droid X doesn't have by default yet can once again, be done via rooting.)
    •Not many "Bloatware" installed.(Although with the Droid X, you could just root it since we atm, have a 1 click rooter and uninstall what we do not want.)
    •Faster MFLOPS.(This is coming from the app called, "Linpack for android". It hit the first time testing it to 30 something then next time it hit 40. V.Sing my 1.7 mflop on an overclocked Droid X running 1.2ghz, that is hella fast. Although, I tested the game speeds on both devices at the same time and the thunderbolt was ahead by like 1.995 seconds. That isn't really to me worth getting the Thunderbolt for, but I just telling you lol..)
    •Fast boot option(This basically I think from what I saw did sort of like a "hot boot" you know, which Droid x already has if rooted.)
    •Beautiful LED screen(This is just so rich in color it is amazing)
    •Video chat(Yes, this has video chat, but only if you download an app, which I think should already come with it.)
    •Free 3/4g when connecting to a pc via usb.(I didn't test this, but the owner said it was possible with the use of a usb cord you can surf the net. I didn't get to test if did free hot spot either though it does have that option. I did though click on it and it said if activate it will cost you depending on how much data you use. Data charges. If did not know, the Droid X after being rooted, can just make itself a hot spot therefore, many people can be on at once(Had like 3 people on my hot spot at once with no lag because they were all using facebook. But I'm sure if they would of been streaming video, it wouldn't even of worked because I tried streaming a episode of something that lasted only 30mins and like every 20mins it would go up to like 5-7mins for the episode.)But the Thunderbolt could do this too I believe if ever possible to root, because all this thing is, is a app from the market "Wireless Tether".)
    •LED Notification screen not in a dark surface.(You know how Droid X has a black surface where the led flashes. But with the Thundebolt, it is very hard to see the flash in a lite up place where with the Droid X, you can see it always.)
    •LED Light flash/using for flashlight.(This is very weak compared to the Droid X LED flash on the phone. I tested this in a dark room and it was true, the Droid X LED flashlight out did the Thunderbolt by a lot.)
    •Video chat app not included(You have to go to the market and download a app yourself, and then it may not support the phone atm.)
    •Not many networks up for 4G yet.
    •Battery life killer(Owner said that the battery doesn't last that long at ALL! It also could just be depending on what he does though+4G does take more battery life so. . .yeah.)
    •No Swype touch screen keyboard.(You may could download it though from a site or get something via the market sorta like it. But, nothing can beat swype in my book.)
    Really, if you can live without having •8mb widescreen,•LED screen, and 4g. I think you'd be better off to stay with the Droid X because for speed-wise, they are about the same(Not too sure on if the thunderbolt would lag at times or not didn't look into that much. But, my DX never lags for me.). If a new user then, I guess I would just go ahead and get the Thunderbolt(I'd check if rootable yet though). Remember also before you buy the Thunderbolt and you have a Droid X, there are like if I remember right, 4 new phones coming out before this year is up.(This my not be 100% true I just heard) The Droid 3,Droid X2,Droid Charge, and the Droid Bionic. Which already people said that the Droid Bionic will out do the Thunderbolt.

    Think that is it. That is all I can remember anyways lol.

    Added just telling you Thunderbolt doesn't have Swype as for now or may never(I think it will though in the future because I mean it is a touch screen only after all.)
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    Good info and some of the same reasons I went with a DX instead of a TB

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    That is basically the view I have. I had a d2 before buying the tbolt and the d2 was louder on the speaker... and the screen was brighter. If you are coming from a d1 its a big step up. If you have a d2 or dx the only thing that it has, other than 4g and better video play, is the ability to mod to the fullest. I have the tbolt on a one year deal to play with. But if I had to sign a 2 yr I would have held on to my d2.

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    Where I live the 4g Verizon network will not reach me for about 2 years. I am waiting for the Droid X2 to come out. I would upgrade my Drid X to the Droid X2 before I would go to any 4 g Verizon phone. Then again I may just keep my Droid X until after September to see if there is anything out by that time that will give me more of an improvement that the Droid X2.
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    ur forgetting one major thing which is the unlocked boot loader and ability to get true custom roms and kernels. this is one main reason i may make the move.
    Running rooted Droid X with Apex 2.0 Alpha 2 & ULV at 1.15 ghz


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