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Thread: GMAIL contacts, Google Contacts and Phone Contacts

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    GMAIL contacts, Google Contacts and Phone Contacts

    I have a newbie question that I've search all over for and can't find an answer and I've been on the phone with Verizon.

    I have contacts in my phone and contacts in GMAIL. When I delete a contact in my phone it will delete in my GMAIL account online. If I delete it in my GMAIL account online it doesn't delete in my phone. The Verizon tech told me this takes 24 hours but that isn't the case. Does this have something to do with the what type of LINKED PROFILE the contact is?

    What is the difference between a GOOGLE contact and a PHONE contact? And why do I have Phone Contacts listed twice under Linked Profiles for some of my contacts?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I've noticed this too man.

    What it's doing is when you add a new contact, it's saving the contact to your google account, and your phone as well. This is fine, however, when you press on the picture icon in your text message list, and press the phone (icon to call), it asks what number you want to call. If there is only one number, it lists it twice, which doesn't make any sense what-so-ever.

    This is what I did to fix this problem: You go into your contacts list, press on a contact, then press your hardware settings button. A menu will come up, then you press "Unlink Contact". This will separate the "Phone Contact" and "Google" contact, thus creating a new problem, which is your contact's name is listed twice in your contact list. You then have to press your hardware back button, press on the contacts name you separated (press the top one to start), then press on the arrow next to "Linked profiles". If it reads "Phone Contacts: <contacts name>" then you have to press the hardware back button and delete that contact by long pressing on the contacts name. If the top one reads "Google: <contacts name>", then press the hardware back button and delete the second one, by long pressing.

    The problem with removing the "Phone Contact" from your contacts name, is that you can't separate them into groups. Personally, I don't separate contacts into groups, so this isn't a problem for me.

    I hope this helped, let me know.
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    Under settings button->more->settings you'll see the accounts you have associate with your contact list. Phone contacts is grayed out but has a green check in it, and your google account should also have a check in which you can disable.

    Any time you add a contact on the phone you add it to the phone memory and to your Google Contacts if that 2nd check is enabled. If you add the contact in Google Contacts it will appear on the phone under the Google account, but not in the phone memory.

    I prefer having all my contact in Google contacts in case I need to wipe the phone, or lose it all the contacts are stored off the phone and can be synced.

    What then happens if you create the contact in the phone it links the phone contact and the Google contact. If you delete the contact it deletes it off the phone and Google contacts because they are linked. If you want it off the phone but still in Google contacts you need to unlink them via the setting buttons->unlink contact and then delete the one designated on the phone. You can see this by clicking on the Linked Profile at the bottom of a contact and it will tell you which account it is associated with.



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