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Thread: Starting New

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    Starting New

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've had the chance to use Droidforums.net and I have been slacking on keeping up with my updates. I am still on the leaked 2.2 for the Droid X that was release around october november? Sadly my phone isn't performing the way it use to anymore and I was wondering what should I do to reflash it back to stock.

    I want to keep root and 928droids theme. Everything else im not sure if using titanium backup will be such a good idea because I don't want to redownload old version apps that will make my phone run slow or restart as often as it already does.

    Also i noticed on some other thread that you SHOULDN'T upgrade to a certain OTA update because it changes the bootloader key? And will make you unable to root. So what should I do? Thanks everyone.
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    The latest update is 2.3.340 and yes it is still rooted.

    Here is a link that can help you get everything up to date and back on the path for future updates. If you prefer to sbf all the files necessary you can do a search.

    maderstcok - OTA 2.3.340 update.zip
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    welcome back!
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