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Thread: Bluetooth sound issue.. ??

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    Bluetooth sound issue.. ??

    I didn't see this anywhere so sorry if it's already been mentioned, but I have a Jawbone bluetooth (the original jawbone, not the newer tiny one) and I've used it with a few different phones with no problems at all. I just recently got this Droid X which is absolutely amazing so far to say the least, but I did notice a problem. I paired my Jawbone headset with it and it works fine when I'm in a call until about 5 minutes has passed (give or take a few.. it varies.) Then it will start skipping or breaking up. I don't know how to explain it really other than this... Remember back in the mid nineties when you'd play an mp3 file on a windows 95 computer and it didn't have enough processing power to uncompress the file as it was playing so it would skip? Or if you're playing a HD video on a computer that can't quite handle it, you know how the audio skips because it can't keep up? That's what this sounds like. At first I thought maybe the phone was busy doing something and that's exactly what was happening. But if I use the phone when this is happening it runs just as fast as any other time, so I don't think it's a lack of processing power for the audio. I've never had any issue with this Jawbone on any other phone, nor do I have another bluetooth headset to try with my Droid X. I know a weak cell signal would make this sound like that too however I've checked it when that happened and I had full signal.. I wasn't in a moving vehicle either. This happens every time I use the bluetooth now so I wouldn't say it's some kind of environmental issue either.

    Anyone else have this problem or any idea what it might be? By the way it's android 2.2. I got the OTA update the day I got the phone.
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    Have you tried re pairing it?

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    I have had the same problems with my Jawbone, but further, when on a call it completely drops. I can hear them, but they cannot hear me. The phone shows that I am connected, but it does not work. I had the problem with the Droid - sent the Jawbone back for an exchange and got a new Jawbone, then the Droid X and the problem still exists. Same here - works with other phones no problems - and it is a great little bluetooth.


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