I just got the Zagg plastic shield for the front of my Droid. Very nice item. The only complaint I have is with the directions. This product comes in a 8 1/2" X 5" cardboard package, but the directions are printed on a small piece of paper with text that is LESS THAN 1 MM HIGH! What were they thinking?

A suggestion for putting on plastic protective sheets. They give you a water/soap spray to use on your hands and the plastic. If your fingers dry off, they will stick and leave fingerprints. I would suggest having a bowl of water with a drop of shampoo (That's what they use.) handy so you can quickly dip your fingers in to keep them wet.

I also got the Jelly case, which covers the back and sides. It is a perfect fit - easy on and easy off, and it should give excellent protection.

What I would like is some kind of holster to carry the X on my belt, since it is a bit large for a pants pocket. Any recommendations?