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Thread: High capacity batteries & Cases that fit them

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    High capacity batteries & Cases that fit them

    So I've spent the past few minutes reviewing all of the threads in this section pertaining to extended batteries. The options are:

    Seidio 2600 mAH
    Gorilla Gadgets 3500 mAH

    As it would appear, the Seidio boasts nicer overall fit and finish. It seems it's coated with the same soft rubberized texture that occupies the back end of our X, and it looks like it fits rather nicely. It is a bit weird looking, but in my opinion, it looks better than the GG does.

    The GG boasts higher energy capacity, but it is also much larger, protruding beyond even the elevated camera section found at the top end of our phone.

    Here's my predicament:

    I don't care about cost. Whether I have to spend $25.00 or $70.00, it doesn't make much of a difference to me. It's a worthwhile investment because I use my device rather often for a variety of tasks.

    I don't care about size. Realistically, the difference in size over the phone in its stock form will have no adverse effects on anything. If it feels a bit heftier in my hand, that's fine, and I can't imagine it will fit worse in my pocket.

    What I do care about is having a case. Does anyone know of a case that will support these hefty battery packs? If so, which does it work with?

    If not, perhaps there is a case that can be modified to work? Maybe cutting a section of the back end out to allow for the protrusion of the pack?

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    I have a Nite Ize Large sideways case with holster for 12 bucks plus shipping and it fits my DX and I have an OtterBox commuter case on it also. Im sure the case would fit a naked DX with an extended battery.
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    I had the one that says it's for the Seidio Extended battery but this one should fit with no problems:

    nutshell 205 belt case

    It just arrived in the mail as a replacement, but I have yet to decide on which extended battery I want to get. I've tried several other cases and love these. I got the velcro flap, with pen holder, built in pocket, and strap. I'll only use the strap maybe when I want to go around the house. Then again the Thunderbolt is coming out so I may bail for that but either way I'll always want an extended battery as I don't want to have to change or charge it that often. This case should fit that as well.
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    I also care about the same thing but i want a snap on case. I currentaly have the bodyglove case. I had the droid 2 and bought the extended battery and used the body glove case but had to leave the door off the phone since it would not fit in the case with the door on, but the case acted like the door anyways.

    can this be done with the droidx or is the battery that much bigger that if i left the door off it still woluldnt fit?



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