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Thread: Gmail and Calendar Will Not Longer Sync on Droid

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    Gmail and Calendar Will Not Longer Sync on Droid

    Suddenly, 4 days ago, my gmail and calendar stopped syncing on my Droid. I have Outlook on my laptop, and had been syncing through gmail just fine. Here is what I have already done to try to resolve the problem:
    1. Deleted the cache data in gmail on my phone. This emptied all the email on my phone and left a black screen with a message that emails would download shortly. They never did.
    2. Uninstalled Gmail ap update on my phone. I would not allow me to uninstall the base program. Still had the message that downloads would begin shortly, but never did.
    3. Reinstalled gmail ap update on my phone. This loaded my old messages back into my phone. But, again, none of the messages I've received in the past 4 days.
    4. Uninstalled google calendar sync on my laptop, then reinstalled it, enables 2 way sync, and initiated sync. This did not help.
    5. Went into gmail online and checked all settings. sync is enabled on laptop,
    6. Went into gmail ap settings on my phone and set # of days to sync to 4 days (it had been set at 1), set all folders to sync all.
    7. On phone, all accounts are set to sync.

    None of these has worked.

    Does anyone on the forum have experience with this to suggest what steps I should try next?
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    dirty jerz
    go into settings---->applications---->manage apps----> select GMAIL then clear the cache this just worked for me
  4. Droid Newbie
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    The problem appears to be a Memory Hog

    In this instance, emptying the cache (multiple times) did not work or would download a few messages and then stop again. Additionally, I started getting messages that my text message quote was full, even though I had deleted all my text messages. The phone was also reacting slower and rejected all incoming text messages, program updates, and new application downloads.

    After much investigation and visiting many forums, I think I found the problem. I had downloaded a game program (tapfish) that became a memory hog at 47MB. This, combined with all the other aps I had installed, seemed to have sent my phone over the edge. Apparently, all the game data and text data are stored on the phone memory, instead of the installed memory card. So, every application is pulling from the same small amount of memory and the phone stops allowing downloads of any kind, no matter how small. From what I've read, there is no way to change the storage options to the memory card without rooting your phone and voiding the warranty. So, the solution became to delete the game and all applications that I do not use on a regular basis. Too, bad...I was really starting to like my fish.


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