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Thread: Droid stuck at bootloader after volume not responding

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    Droid stuck at bootloader after volume not responding

    I'll try to give you all the details...

    I've got a refurbished Motorola Droid running 2.2.1 with FRG83D
    I used Soup Or Root to root the phone a few weeks ago and I had overclocked it to 600-800mhz with no issues.
    Recently it's been prompting me to run a system update. I've been hesitant because I wanted to make sure nothing would go wrong if I updated a rooted phone with an OTA update.

    Today I took a shower and had the phone in the bathroom with me playing Pandora. I have had the phone in the bathroom while I showered a few times before with no issues.

    About an hour later, I pressed the Volume Up button to make sure my ringer was all the way up. Nothing happened. I pressed the Volume Down button thinking I may have been in a screen that did not allow ringer volume changes, but the volume went down. I pressed the Volume Up button again, but the volume would not go back up. The Ringer Volume screen would not appear on the phone when I pressed the Volume Up button.

    Not sure what was happening, but thinking the phone may be confused or bogged down as it does sometimes, I held the power button and turned the phone off.
    I pressed the power button again to turn the phone back on, and the phone went to the Bootloader 2c.7c screen.

    I killed the power again, took the battery out, and tried blowing any lint or dust away that might have collected in the battery compartment. I then took the Micro SD card out thinking it may be interferring.
    Replacing the battery and turning the phone back on, I get the bootloader screen again.

    I have taken the battery completely out and the phone is currently sitting in a bowl of rice (screen down, battery cover on, rice on top) to try to pull out any moisture that might be causing problems.

    I can't remember what exactly needs to be pressed to go into the bootloader.

    I had also found this thread with a similar problem:

    I assume that if the phone has experienced any permanent damage to the circuits that it would be doing something completely unpredictable, so I'm hoping this is a temporary problem. We will see.

    I also attempted to take the phone apart by taking two exposed screws out of the back that are normally hidden under the battery cover. With these two screws removed nothing came loose so I didn't want to go any further and risk voiding any warranty I may have left.

    This is a replacement phone for a previous Motorola Droid.
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    Take the phone apart? Well, let's move you here. You boot into bootloader by pressing the dpad on the top and press the top button. Let go and you will be in boot loader.
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    Thanks. I guess it thinks the up arrow key is stuck or something. Though every button clicks normally.

    The phone eventually let me boot it back up, however the keys are not working properly.

    Volume Up does nothing
    Camera half press does nothing
    Camera full press simultaneously brings up Google Search and turns the volume up. Pressing it while using Google Search types 'c.@o' in the search bar. Pressing the key while the phone is asleep will bring up the lock screen.
    These keys are no longer responsive:
    q e o a d g h z x c . @
    menu (on the keyboard)
    left shift key
    ok (gold square in the d-pad)

    The phone will occasionally think I completely pressed the Camera button.

    I will let the phone rest a little longer with the battery out. I've seen some older phones behave similarly when moisture is inside, so I'm hoping the Droid will begin to function correctly soon.

    Either way, this seems to be a hardware issue related to moisture, though this is the first time the phone has acted this way after being left in the bathroom during a shower.
    This thread can probably be closed.

    *After some patience, every button is functioning correctly.
    That was scary.
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