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Thread: Droid 1 black screen

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    Droid 1 black screen

    I'm using a Moto Droid 1, Stock rooted 2.2 with clockwork recovery, rooted about 6 months ago I'd say.

    About 2-3 weeks ago I started getting graphical corruption and eventually the screen just stopped displaying anything but the phone still booted and everything else was working, let it sit overnight plugged in and everything was back to normal. Fast forward to now, and something completely different starts happening, the phone locked up so I battery pulled it, when it restarts it gets to the droid eye and starts playing some sort of ringtone loop, followed by the eye animation locking up, the audio loop continues, I wait a bit and then pull the battery. Now the only thing coming on is the backlight, no key lights, no home row lights, no charging, no M logo, no indication that it's booting up. plugged it into my PC and turned it on (with the battery in since it won't work otherwise) and the PC doesn't even acknowledge it's there.

    Since I have no way to flash SBF and unroot it, should I just send it in for warranty? Can they even tell it's been rooted when it's this damaged? This is the manufacturer warranty I'm talking about btw, I have some time left on it still. Are there any other suggestions anyone can come up with?

    Edit: Managed to get it to show up in RSD, Flashed the 2.2 stock but it failed after reaching 100% with a long error message involving the bootloader, I'm going to go ahead and assume part of the internal flash is damaged beyond repair, but I'll keep trying anyway.

    Edit 2: After a few power cycles I got text on screen for the first time, the Bootloader explaining the code was corrupt, after reflashing yet again I'm on stock 2.0.1 and I'm definitely sending it out now, obviously something is wrong to have such intermittent problems.
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    Sorry for a late reply, you probably got it replaced by now. But you would have been good after the 2.2 .sbf failed. I would be more worried about taking it in with 2.0.1 on it.


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