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Thread: Doused my rooted droid in Barqs Rootbeer

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    Doused my rooted droid in Barqs Rootbeer

    A few days ago I spilled soda on my rooted Moto droid and completely drenched it. Needless to say, the liquid indicator on the back turned red, and the phone, while still able to turn on and function to some extent, is screwed.

    Here are the two problems: 1. Though I can boot the phone up, and even boot into clockwork recovery, I cannot boot into the bootloader so that I can reflash the stock recovery image with RSDLite. Also the touch screen freezes, half the physical keys don't work, the camera flash blinks randomly, and once the screen shuts off it will not go back on. Sure, I'm able to download a stock image from ROM Manager to unroot if I do it right when I boot up, but that doesn't do much good if Verizon still sees a custom recovery on the phone.

    Is there a way to reflash completely back to stock, along with stock recovery image without pushing it to the phone with RSDLite, or using a computer at all, since I cannot get into the bootloader no matter what?

    Appreciate you all taking the time to read. Thanks.
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    In regards to the second part of your post, that is fraud and not allowed to be discussed on DF.

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    No insurance, no replacement. Insurance will cover water damage. Fraud isn't well tolerated on the forums so you may want to edit your post.

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    If you are able to go into clockwork, I think I remember seeing a update.zip that resets everything, unroots, and removes recovery. I have never tried it, but its worth a shot. I can't remember where I found it. Google it

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