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Thread: Sleep mode for RAZR's update to 4.1.2

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    Smart actions always crashed when i tried to change settings.
    I recently found an app that does the same thing and more.

    Quote Originally Posted by pornado View Post
    I would really love to get Sleep back, but I never thought of using SmartActions that way. I just set mine now. Usually I'd get peeved with my previous SmartActions settings (like when I'm lost and it decides to be a good time to turn off GPS and **** with me) and I just avoided the utility all together. Perhaps I'll just have to get over it for the sake of emergency battery life. I typically also turn off my data all day because I'm around computers or wifi a good bit of the day at school and it has saved me heartache at the end of the month.

    It seems like every time I forget my phone somewhere (I lament over my last RAZR, which was stolen at a bar) my battery is tapped or it was on sleep and I couldn't wake it up remotely. I'd be so willing to work on engineering a case for the device with an emergency battery or something to avoid this kind of fiasco again. At the same time, new Droids are being kicked out so quickly, it would have to adapt to a range of phones or something...
    But that's just a pipe dream.

    That case idea sounds good i was going to attempt something similar for a wireless mouse with a rayovac emergency charger but it had broke before i got the chance. (those chargers are cheaply made)
    I attempted to solder the plug that fell off for the charging spot, but the leds were too small.
    it didn't work well with my cell phone though not sure why as it about fully charged my psp.. lol sorry got a little off topic.

    anyway do you have any experience working with soldering irons and electronics? i Can give tips unless you know some one who can help if you don't.
    if you would decide to make the case of course.
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    pornado if you use WiFi most of the day, and use SmartActions (or whatever app) to extend the battery life, you'd be amazed how long the regular RAZR battery goes. 4G, constant sync, and screen time are the battery killers (obviously talking on the phone does too). Set the mobile network to CDMA/LTE and not Global also.

    The beauty of smart actions or an app that does similar things is, you don't have to manually select "battery-extender mode".... it's automatic.
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