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Thread: Verizon to kill grandfathered unlimited data plans with 4G upgrades

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    Verizon to kill grandfathered unlimited data plans with 4G upgrades

    Source: Upgrading Your Verizon Device? Say Goodbye to Unlimited Data | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

    - "
    In April, Verizon Wireless announced that it would start charging a
    $30 upgrade fee
    for those who want to trade in their old phone for a newer model. Shammo said today that Verizon is "not seeing any impact from a customer base from that fee, so that was the right thing to do."".

    Basically from many news sources I've read so far, this is a legit new implementation by Verizon to rid/slow down customers from Verizon. I believe that technology move way fast for such a small device, so the end of subsidized technological phones will slow down consumers buying phones as based on news report that upgrading phone every two years cost the carrier money. This $30 fee will also stop half-arsed manufacturers to add dismal things every 6 months and made a new worthwhile device that will lure costumers to spend a lumpsum. There have been arguments about many different carriers charging their customers the same "Upgrade fee" and that "Verizon are the last company to do so", but competitor phones lineup are way cheaper than Verizon. Nokia Lumia 900 for an example cost $99 with 2 years contract. Like what I believed many times ago that the main culprit is Apple phone. Many carriers changed loads of things that hurt old and new customers by implementing new tiered data and the non-existent subsidized phone. I would be fine with all of these garbage and will stick with Verizon if and only if:

    1. $30 dollars for all new phones upgrade, as they can't charge that new fee to Iphone users only as Verizon can get in trouble. But there have been no complained by them about other phones as they are willing to work together with Verizon. There is a way of a new deal made by Verizon and other Manufacturers to cheapen their phones and don't rid their consumer base. For an example, instead of $199 phone, they can charge $169+ $30 upgrade fee that will end up with $199 phone.

    2. New tiered data plan that will scrap "grandfathered plan" for many current users. I heard from different source that this new rule will affect those users that are still in 3G transition to 4G. It will basically will hurt Apple Iphone users the most. This is after the news about Apple new Iphone that is LTE capable. I do really hope that Verizon will stick with us that are already in 4G or else I say Arrivederchi Verizon .

    For me, Verizon's problem with Apple is apparent and they are trying to get Apple's attention to work in a better partnership that shouldn't burden Verizon to exist and compete with other carriers.
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    I have a "friend" that says the new shared plan "shouldn't" have any effect on current 4g users that are grandfathered. I trust this person, but she can only tell me so much.

    And she can also.tell me everything, but everything can be wrong, if she's been misinformed.

    In other news, tower work in the near future for some of the newly up and running markets..... so I hear.

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    We announced this here: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/dro...ata-plans.html

    Please continue the conversation there!


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