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Thread: "Messed Up Charging Port" - AKA - Verizon Rep

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    "Messed Up Charging Port" - AKA - Verizon Rep

    So my girlfriend and I both have Razr's. I have had mine fore 2.5 months and she has had hers for 3.5 months. Her's wouldnt charge last night nor would it turn on. So she took it to Verizon today and they said that the charging port is loose and thats the problem. Well first off, the phone has NEVER been dropped or scratched. Second, Isnt there a 1 year manufacturing warrenty on new phones and we also pay 7 dollars a month per phone in insurance. Well they told her that she has to pay 100 bucks to get a new phone bc the charging port isnt covered in the warrenty. THAT is a load of BS. I honestly think they were trying to pull a fast one on my Gf bc she's a girl. I am going in there today after i get off work and I am going to give them a piece of my mind in the most polite way possible.

    I just dont understand how that makes and sense whatsoever. Its a 3 month old phone and has never been dropped and we played around with the charging port and I couldnt or didnt see it move at all. So im hoping i can go there tonight and get a new one. I hate Verizon's customer service. Well, wish me luck
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    Hate to tell you, but nothing will probably come of your trip to Verizon. I had a warranty claim denied because of 3 scratches on my battery cover. Any physical damage (whether its the cause of the problem or not) gives Verizon the right to not fill your claim.

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    Call in you will get better help anyways. They will then most likely ship you a factory referb.

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    Sadly this seems normal however I will say that when I worked at a certain wimax service and repair store, most of the broken charging ports were clearly customer abuse (mostly on accident). In fact they would usually out themselves in the "story"stage lol, "i have to wrap my cord around my phone to get it to charge" = broken by costumer lol. Anyway the port is most definitely not covered by insurance . I would call customer care...try to get a new phone though, refurbs are almost promising you a future issue. Good luck mate.

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