I am in the middle of deciding on a new phone. I currently have a BlackBerry Bold and kind of hate it. I canít get into Gmail Calendar. I have multiple work calendars I need to access on my phone. The other uses of the phone would be for me to browse the internet while at a clientís home so that I can create quotes for products via a website quote system. So I need a good browser. I also want to be able to download PDF presentations to the phone and send it to a HDMI TV input. Current I view them on a computer using Nuance PDF reader 6.0. I am not sure if any phone can do this and I donít know how I would use the phone to scroll from page to page. I am thinking of the Razr or the Rezound. I really donít like the size of the Razr. I am currently using Verizon but can switch to T-Mobil pretty soon if I want. I am leaning with staying with Verizon so the Razr and Rezound seem most likely. So that is the background info of what I want to do. Here are the questions/concerns.

RAZR seems huge to me. I donít really like the feel of it in my hand because itís so wide. But itís hard to really tell attached to a stupid tether at the store. Besides that it seems the logical choice. I could use MotoCast for my work stuff pretty easily. HDMI out is easy and it has Mirroring. I donít know if it can do what Nuance PDF Reader does (I sure hope it can, and I hope you swipe from page to page using the touchscreen). It has 32MB total. One download of the PDF is about 3MB. I just donít like the width.

Rezound doesnít have Mirroring but apparently it can be done anyway. Not sure if there is a difference between what it does vs what the Razr does when projecting on a TV. They seem the same despite the advertising. Rezound only has 16mb of memory. Not sure if I can improve on this and how much that might cost. Not sure if itís as good of a choice for my needs. Everyone is telling me to get a Razr but I donít know why as they both seem to have a version of mirroring.
So if people know about using a PDF reader on the phone, broadcasting to a TV using HDMI in some way and information about the Rezound and using more memory . Will they both handle Gmail Calendars the same way? I know the features of the screens, etc. They all seem more then fine to me. I just want it to work properly for work. I hope itís OK to post this in both forums to get a fair response from people on both sides.