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I think it didn't work the first time because it was an older utility. I downloaded and extracted the newer one and got my phone reset and reloaded with all my apps, thank gawd for ti backups and the fact that i back up on a regular basis. BACK_UPS_GOOD!!! I am god since I didn't have to go to Verizon to fix it. Thanks to Team Black Hat also their little doohickey did the trick and let me flash when the battery was technically dead love that sense of accomplishment you get when you fix something. this is exactly what I did when I saw the battery indicator appear and my phone started charging.

i know your not supposed to do this but I'm putting a link for team black hats factory adapter if it wasn't for me shelling out 13.50 (that's with shipping from the west coast to the east coast) and them making this item it would have been a bigger headache to fix my phone. highly recommend buying this.
Glad it all worked out! Also thanks for posting the link above...I am sure there will be someone out there who will need it...maybe me someday..lol.