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Thread: Droid RAZR fastbooting problems. Help.

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    Droid RAZR fastbooting problems. Help.

    I picked up the Droid Razr a week or two ago. Of course, I immediately rooted it and put safestrap on it. I'm running CM10 on it, everything is all great. Except, when I switch to my stock ROM it would... not bootloop, but continuously be on the droid eye. It'll do its animation, screen will dim, and it'll vibrate. All signs I've come to beleive, from past experiences, to show that it's working. Well, not anymore. The first few times I switched, it would load up, but now it won't. I've done countless amount of things to try to get it to work, eventually I decided I'll fastboot it back to stock. I wiped it and all, so the orig data file for stock is gone. I put my phone in AP Fastboot, my computer recognizes it as CDMA_FASTBOOT_SPYDER. So, it's clearly noticed. Yet, RSD Lite won't notice it. Running as admin doesn't help. Matt's util can't flash stock ics on it, it'll actually run through and in the end say it is on it, but it's not. My phone will boot up with AP Fastboot(Failure). So, now I have to do Vol+/Vol - and Power, choose normal boot and just use my CM10. It's not horrible, but it's not perfect. All my drivers are correct, I tried ADB with command prompt, so many ways all resulting in failure. Only thing left, in my mind, is to uninstall safestrap and attempt to do Matt's Util. I'm timid to do that, because if I turn safestrap off, I don't know if I'll be able to get safestrap on again, in the event that the fastboot fails again, since I would no longer have a ROM to put it back on. Then, I'm sure that'd be classified as a legit bricked phone, rather than soft bricked. Any suggestions?
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    Check the forum for the utility to see what kind of affect safe strap has on it. Probably something posted there


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