I am using Mac OS X 10.6.8. When I connect to my Mac with USB I know it recognizes the connection because it does charge the phone and it also launches (the very crappy) Backup Assistant Pro. I have turned on 'USB debugging' and 'Allow mock locations'. I have done my best to remove all remnants of BAP on my Mac. When I plug in my phone, a task bar icon appears that gives me the option 'When device connects' to either 'Launch Backup Assistant Plus' or 'Do Nothing'. I have tried to connect as 'Mass Storage' 'Media Device' and 'Camera'. I just want the phone to get mounted as a USB device so I can easily transfer media between my phone and my Mac. This was not an issue with my Droid 2. Is Backup Assistant Pro throwing a wrench in the works before my Mac can properly mount it? Verizon store employee and Verizon tech support employee proved useless and simply told me to go ask Motorola.