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Thread: Turn off Voice but not Data Connection

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    Turn off Voice but not Data Connection

    I am going out of the country where is costs quite a bit to receive calls. However, I added global data package to my plan. I however was informed by VZW customer rep. that if i receive a call even if I do not pick up, I get charged the roaming fee per minute. So, how do I turn off data connection so that my phone does not ring, but still be able to use data on the phone. I have a motorola razr. Any app or setting that can do this?
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    You may want to get rid of the global plan because it will potentially cost you a fortune. Not only the phone calls you receive but also the texts. You should be able to get a foreign SIM card in the country you are in and it would be much cheaper. Here are some threads on possibilities for affordable use of your phone out of the country.

    Using your phone without using any plan and no extra charges, post # 13. This worked great for us but relies on Wi-Fi.

    Using Skype to call US from Italy on Droid Bionic

    Or post #3:


    Excellent thread on using a pre paid foreign sim card, start at post # 26:

    International travel with Razr Maxx

    Hope this helps. Ask away if you have any questions. As you can see from the thread above, bsweetness is an expert in this area. He knows everything!

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