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Thread: Foxfi requiring reboot to work...what gives?!

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    Foxfi requiring reboot to work...what gives?!

    ***I posted this on another thread but got really no feedback at all so i figure i would start it as its own thread***

    Okay when i use Foxfi after the latest update on my (Verizon) Droid Razr (ICS), It works initially on a fresh boot, but if my wifi gets disconnected or drops, when i try to then re-initiate Foxfi as a hotspot, i get the Wifi error "Wifi Mode has failed on your phone. Please use Bluetooth mode instead". If i reboot my phone and change the network name, it WILL work again until the above happens... I have to rinse and repeat this process over and over pretty much everytime i want to use Foxfi and hotspot my razr to my tablet (nexus 7). This gets REALLy frustrating...

    I have tried various things to fix this to no avail:

    -"Fast Reboot" app
    -renaming network
    -disconnect / reconnect network
    -turn off / on wifi
    -try bluetooth
    -uninstall / reinstall latest Foxfi
    -installed Foxfi supplemental app
    -installed PDAnet
    -turned on / off / on USB debugging
    -wished upon a star
    -sacrificed a goat

    NOTHING has worked...i still MUST reboot my phone and rename the network every time i wish to have foxfi hotspot work on my razr. Does anyone have ANY other possible solutions to this problem? Foxfi seems to recognize this as an issue but seems to brush it off like rebooting is no big deal. I suppose if i used foxfi to connect a stationary device like a laptop or computer this would not be a big deal, but i use it on the go while traveling with a tablet and often times lose my data connection and subsequently wifi. I would just like to discover a way to have Foxfi run my Razr as a hotspot anytime while disconnecting and reconnecting whenever i want all day without having to reboot...Any ideas?
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    Its an issue lots of people have.. but vzw is supposedly being made to stop blocking these apps... then they'll throttle our data.

    Even the hotspot hack while rooted, is slow and clumsy... that's all the info I've got.. sorry.
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    I'm having same issue with Droid 4 on Jellybean. The instructions above to reboot and change name did get me back on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 94lt1
    Its an issue lots of people have.. but vzw is supposedly being made to stop blocking these apps... then they'll throttle our data.

    Even the hotspot hack while rooted, is slow and clumsy... that's all the info I've got.. sorry.
    I thought vzw doesn't throttle data on 4g?, if you pay for hotspot on unlimited plan, can they throttle you?

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    My foxfi works for a few min. Then reboots my phone and i have to reboot the reboot to get the phone to load right.
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    I've never had a problem with Foxfi up until the most recent updates. With in the last two months the app does not hold a connection for very long and I only get max speeds of 360kbps. I usually get speeds well in to the 10Mbps.

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