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Thread: Droid razr digitizer and lcd replacement

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaxPCLS View Post
    I will try again.... Like I said earlier though, I've been on the phone with these people for hours already, spoken to supervisors..... I'm not sure what else I can do at this point except make myself furious all over again.
    Get me on the phone with them. I'll straighten them out. Just remain calm, but refuse to accept no for an answer. Tell them that by denying your claim they are putting themselves at risk of prosecution for breech of contract, and that no where in your contract does it state any contestability or seasoning period. Ask them to show you where in your contract it gives then the right to deny a claim based on how many days after the insurance is placed the claim is made. The fact is there is no seasoning period in such extended warranty policies.

    Their job is to deny claims that are bogus, but they take it too far, instead attempting to deny all claims that they can get away with - whether bogus or not. They're hoping you'll give up. Prove them wrong and receive the benefit you bought and paid for. It was a contract for value, you provided them the value of your money, and in exchange they are required to provide you the value of the insurance protection. If they still resist, tell them you're next calls will be to the Attorney General for your state, the one for their state of domicile, and the US Attorney General, as well as the NAIC ( http://www.naic.org/).

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    Just wondering what ever came of your claim? I have a razr added to my account about 2 months ago- bought off of ebay. But verizon has been steady charging me that $ for insurance for the 2 months after the swap. I just cracked my screen.. will i run into the same problem (well how do we know you didnt do it prior to adding insurance since not purchased new). If so i want to know the best way to handle it. Thanks
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    Paxplc my screen also has a crack in it, i got it on the 23 of december 2012 so 2 days ago I was having a casual day at school, then when I get home I notice a medium size crack in the corner. No I didn't do any physical activities or any thing. Maybe there is a manufacturer defect?
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