I've had my Razr 4 days and it's been fine with no major issues until yesterday. I tried sending an email using my normal pop account I had configured with my mail host's settings, and got the connection error on sending. then I got the error on incoming. Now this is replying to an email that had come in successfully 5 minutes before.

I verified that I can still browse (not a 3g data connection issue) and then checked my incoming/outgoing account settings for that account. all of the account settings were back to the "best guess" that the automatic setup tool had initally thrown in there based on my email address itself. I use godaddy as my mailhost, so my pop/smtp server settings were completely different than my domain.

I don't know what caused the account settings to reset, but I tried correcting them and resaving - when that happened, it told me that it had saved the test logfile as pop_secureserver_net_2.txt . (secureserver.net is the mailhost domain for godaddy, so yours would be whatever your domain is) I plugged in USB and went into the Accounts folder on the phone and sure enough , the original logfiles were there too. I opened them up and all were identical and indicated a successful "verify servers" report.

So, something is triggering the email client to dump settings and make a best guess - at least that's what happened in my case.

I deleted all of the logfiles in that folder, then went and reconfigured my pop/smtp settings. we'll see if it happens again.

and no - I have not configured Motocast or any of the other sharing ability of the phone yet, and wasn't installing/configuring anything at the time I ran into the issue.