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Thread: Should I stay with the razr?

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    droid razr

    Should I stay with the razr?

    I know all of you are drod fan boys on here. But this battery sucks. It dies so fast and when I'm not using it it lives but dies when I start using it. Idont get it. I have a really good smart action but it's not good enough. Shld I switch it the iphone 4s? Just got it Saturday so I have enough time to switch back. What should I do. They say I need to "break it in" is that true?

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    OK first things first, DO NOT GET AN IPHONE!!! :-) I am having the same issue here. The phone can go 14 hours without using it but once you watch a movie or play a game, you find yourself tethered to an outlet. I'm coming from a TB with an ex/battery I could at least get 8 hours with heavy use. I'm taking mine back tomorrow. I'll wait for the GNex. You can break it in but it will still depend on how often you use your phone. If you set up the smart actions you can squeeze a little more juice out of it but it still depends on how you use your phone. It's not goot for a power user.
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    Unfortunately I don't think a Gnex will be much different in terms of battery life. With smartphones getting increasingly more powerful, battery life will keep going down. Until better batteries are created or we start making these things run on gas :P it's just part of the trade-off with having a powerful 4g device. Im able to make mine last the entire day by keeping 4g off until I need it and keeping brightness on automatic... if you're more concerned with battery than power and freedom then maybe iphone is the right phone 4 u

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    Or if u have 4G on just turn it off. It will help tons plus the way i look at it if ur considering iphone then ur considering no 4G anyways not to mention freedom. So basically what horcrux just said.

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