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Thread: Jarvis Problem

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    Jarvis Problem

    I've had my RAZR for a couple of weeks now and so far the only problem is Jarvis isn't working properly. When I open the app it gives me a choice of TTS Pico or Ivana. I know that it doesn't work with Ivana so I choose TTS Pico but it only opens as "enabled but not working". Is there a setting or something I need to change? My apologies for the noobness but I primarily use the device for Text, phone, music. TY.
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    Hi jtcsifl,
    That is actually intended operation. I wanted the user to know JARVIS is not currently running but will as soon as a text is received.
    Everything is working correctly and I will rephrase this notification to avoid future confusion.

    Thank you for using Jarvis!
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    Hey Parco,

    Hopefully you can me with something. I use Tasker to launch Jarvis when Bluetooth is in a connected state. Which for me usually means that I'm in my car connected to my Jabra Speaker phone. I would like Tasker to then shut down Jarvis when BT disconnects so my Txt messages aren't read aloud when I'm in my office .

    Anyway, I've tried using Tasker's "Kill App" command as an exit task, but it doesn't seem to work and Jarvis remains active. Can you provide some insight into what happens with Jarvis when you turn if off? I'm trying to figure out the correct activity for Tasker to perform.

    (oh and pleeeease add BT support to Jarvis )

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    Hi Ed,
    This actually goes right along with the OP's question. The "Kill App" does not work because there really is nothing to "Kill". JARVIS only runs when a text is received, and kills itself when finished.
    You might ask yourself how is it JARVIS can run when a text message is received, without already having a running process? That is the beauty of "Intents". Basically, your phone stores a list of actions to run when a particular Intent is fired, so the actual turning on/off that happens within JARVIS is simply adding/removing itself from that list.
    Unfortunately at this point there is no way for a tasker to replicate this turn off process, unless it could manipulate the "action list" as described above. Even then, without JARVIS knowing of this change it could cause some funky issues .
    I will make note of this and possibly implement a way in the future, thanks for the suggestion.

    BT compatability is on the way.


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