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Thread: Wi-fi/4G problems

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    I had a hella weird experience last night. After 4G died off, I stayedd on full, blue 3G, then a couple hours after that the the bars and 3G were white and the connectivity indicators weren't active. However, once I tried to use data it was really, really fast and as soon as task was completed the went dormant again. Connection like this last for about an hour and half and then 3G went away all together and I have only had plain white bars with the exception of a brief instance a half hour ago that I had 1X.
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    Wi-fi/4G problems - Droid RAZR

    I upgraded from DroidX to RAZR on 11/27. Until 12/5, everything was great. I had a constant 4G LTE connection, without Wi-fi. I saw the 4G LTE in blue. This was in my home area of DFW, as well as Chicago and Portland, Maine. On Monday, 12/5, my phone rebooted on its own about ten times that day. On Tuesday 12/6, it rebooted once, while I was on a call. Since then, 4G LTE connectivity has been very spotty. When I turn on Wi-fi at home, it works fine. If I turn Wi-fi off, I lose the blue 4G LTE and have the white 3G. I can make cell calls, but have no data connection.

    I just called Verizon Support. The rep had me turn my phone off, remove the memory and SIM card, wait 30 seconds, replace both, and restart the phone. I immediately had full 4G LTE, for about 2 minutes after I hung up. Then, right back to 3G white, with no data connectivity.

    Very frustrating. The support rep did mention that they had intermittent 4G LTE challenges all week. For me, if I am paying for a data plan and don't have one, this is completely unacceptable. I don't really care whether it's a 4G LTE network issue, and OS (Gingerbread) issue, as someone suggested, or a phone/hardware issue. It needs to be fixed, or I need to switch to something else that works. It would be really fantastic if Verizon, Google and/or Motorola would speak up about this issue transparently, and say what the problem is, and tell us when it can be addressed, so we can determine the best course of action.
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    I've had my RAZR for 3 weeks now, here are some observations:
    I've disabled LTE for the past 2 weeks to rule that out.

    If I have WIFI enabled, the phone can successfully connect to home networks (WPA) and enterprise networks (WIFI-NAC), however after a while all data will cease to work (wifi fan, 3g and cell signal are blue). Looking at the phone status bar, the wifi fan, 3g and cell signals are all gray.

    Sometimes I can turn off wifi, after which 3g and cell signal will remain gray, but data will work. Other times, doing the same thing, data will not work. Cycling airplane mode doesn't get the data working. At that point I have to reboot the phone.

    Other times, if I try to turn off wifi, the process will hang, never showing that wifi is disabled. These always require a phone reboot.

    Right now, I'm to the point where I leave WIFI off constantly. So far, this seems to keep data stable. Fortunately I have unlimited data. Moto needs to address this issue, or at least acknowledge it!
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    if anyone is still having an issue with this, I was too. turned off my bluetooth on the droid razr maxx and everything works perfectly
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