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Thread: Repository? - Help w/ WHERE to find the nightly updates, or others? (LINK???)

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    Repository? - Help w/ WHERE to find the nightly updates, or others? (LINK???)

    First Please forgive me for such a basic question, that I REALLY feel guilty, as I should have been able to research this, and find it myself. My problem, all the poking around I've done, there are SO MANY roads that I end up at a dead end.

    MY SITUATION: I've currently been flashing several different ROMS, trying to find something I can 'settle' with. I've used several of the ICS based, but really want to use a Jellybean based.....THAT SAID, from what I have seen so far, the basic CM10 is looking good.

    I did get the basic CM10 (Not sure if it's the latest).....Flashed it, and everything works EXCEPT, the most important. It is for some reason, not seeing my SIM or something, so I have no phone, or 4G. All the other J.B. builds I have tried connected fine (Tried RedTide, and Full Throttle).

    WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: I know of all the discussion of the 'Nightly releases', that said, I cannot for the life of me find a single site, that keeps the list up to date, and I can go and grab the latest release. I do visit the goo site, although it does not appear to have all the latest....

    SO, if somebody could direct me to "Someplace" that will give just a nice place to go and see what has been released, get the latest, etc....?

    (While on the subject, have any of the latest J.B. ROMS have that darn camera flash working??), seems like they have it all together but that?

    Anyway, there are so many sites with plenty of ROMS.....BUT, can't find a single local place where I can see all the latest CM builds, and possible others?

    Everytime I go looking for another, I'm all over the place looking for something new/updated.....

    HOPE THAT MADE SENSE, and look forward to any suggestions.....All my best....S
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    Uhh ok...I'll answer. I'm looking for the same thing for the same reasons. LOVE be cna, but its a little buggy yet. I did see the site you want the other night..positive I did, but now I can't find it. Getting on the laptop tonight and I WILL find it. Let you know soon.


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