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Thread: Strange BT problem

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    Strange BT problem

    I had a Moto Droid Razor before and now a Droid Razor Max. I have this issue with BT in my Prius. The old phone did not do this and worked smoothly. I listen to books in the car while driving to work and the phone is paired at all times when its in the car. The book will work fine most of the time after a short "loading time" but sometimes I will get music playing when no music app is running. Example. I get in the car and the BT finds the phone, music will start. I am not playing any music and havent been since the phone was even turned on. Sometimes it takes two or three times stopping the music before the book will play. This is new to this phone. I stopped by Toyota and asked them and they say it is not the car. Something to do with the app. I don't know if its the app, the phone, or the rock and roll ghost in the back seat.
    Any ideas?


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