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Thread: Phone doesn't recognize SD card and PC doesn't recognize phone.

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    Phone doesn't recognize SD card and PC doesn't recognize phone.

    Long story here goes;

    Woke up last week and went to take phone off the charger. It was BLANK.
    It was as if I had done a factory reset. It remembered my phone number and was operable, but nothing else.

    First thing I noticed after my wallpaper had changed was that my music was gone, then contacts, SMS, etc.

    After hours on the phone with Verizon AND Motorola with zero results, here's all I've done and tried;

    Plugged into PC (2 different). Phone charges but no other response from PC or phone. I used two different stock USB cables. (My dad has a Maxx too)

    Phone sees nothing on SD card. SD card showed to be blank, but I recovered everything with software. Shows card as existent but nothing at all there.

    I unmount card, it remounts itself. I get no option to reformat in the phone. I reformat using software on PC .

    Full factory reset. Erased all storage.

    Bought new SanDisk SD card. Same thing. Not recognized, unable to format in phone.

    Verizon and Motorola advised to send it in for repairs, but one, the warranty is out, two the phones value is less than the insurance claim, and three, I don't want another one of these that will do the same again.

    Right now I would like to try and get everything restored long enough to limp along until I can afford a new phone from a different manufacturer.

    God Bless, Ray
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    Ray, don't tell them I told you this but I'd push Verizon for a CLNR (Certified Like New Replacement), and if your leery about another one of your model tell them, and suggest perhaps another, different CLNR model. Don't let them cry about you being out of warranty. You pay for cellular service and for data. If the phone isn't operating properly you may not be able to make a phone call in an emergency (or otherwise), and you could potentially lose unrecoverable and precious data (think baby pictures), again. Ask them how long you've been a customer of theirs. Ask them if you've been a good payer. Then tell them that your loyalty should count for something. Remind them your not asking for a brand new phone or even a CLNR of a current model (though they will only have current models... that works to your advantage). I've had old phone out of warranty replaced with newer, better CLNR phones on several occasions. You just have to be humble, polite, respectful, and persistent. You may have to call several times till you get a trip that is compassionate to your plight. Again, customer loyalty... It's valuable. Use it to your advantage.

    Good luck!

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