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Thread: 4.0.4 Update has ruined my bluetooth AND my sanity!!! Someone please advise.

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    4.0.4 Update has ruined my bluetooth AND my sanity!!! Someone please advise.

    Hi all. I have had a J&M Audio bluetooth helmet for about two years now, and have never had an issue with streaming media on either my old Droid X or, up until the update my Razr Maxx. The first time I tried to use it after the update, the following happened:

    1) Paired fine, and phone worked.
    2) Music, either loaded on phone, or played through an app (Pandora, Slacker) played fine until I stopped it and tried to restart it. After that it would play only through the phone speaker.
    3) Device screen shows the helmet as "connected (no media)"
    4) In the device settings, both phone and media audio are checked.
    5) If I clear bluetooth devices from both phone and helmet, it will work again. Once.

    After spending time with Verizon I have tried the following:

    1) Soft reset
    2) Factory reset
    3) New Razr Maxx
    4) Razr Maxx HD (with EXACTLY the same results despite different system version)

    I know the pattern supports the helmet being at fault, but I successfully paired and streamed with an iPhone, and a Samsung at the Verizon store. Motorola refuses to acknowledge there is even an issue despite similar issues popping up all over the place with bluetooth connectivity after the update. The last thing I can and will do is to send the whole helmet back to J&M for a firmware update, but am not very hopeful. I love my Razr and it's prodigious battery life, and dont want a different phone. Has anyone had anything similar happen, and is there anything else I might try? Riding with tunes is pretty much my ONLY sanity, and now it is gone.

    Thank you for any input.
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    Random issue with my Bluetooth muting, but that could have been cold affected as it only seemed to do that after Bluetooth was left in car

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