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I have started receiving text messages from the sender 6250 with the message VZWNMN:1
I remember receiving the same messages some time back but now they are coming much more frequently. About 8 today, 50 total over the past week.
They seem to come about the same time I get email from my non Gmail account.
They now are marked urgent! In the notification bar.
VZW tech support says it's caused by third party text apps. I had chomp installed, uninstalled it and no change.
Of course they now suggest an FOR.
Any suggestions?

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There are probably different causes. I started getting these all day long after I disabled the default email app using:


I did that because I was disabling all built-in apps that I wasn't using to try to improve device performance. This is the only disable that caused any problems. The problem was solved when I re-enabled it. I did uncheck the "Show notifications" box without any problems, so at least I don't see its presence and have to deal with it, even though it is enabled to run in the background.