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Thread: Received replacement Maxx today...next step?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bocabean View Post
    I am inclined to believe that the probability that I will experience any trouble with the new device is relatively low, although I know not 100% guaranteed. Having said that, I am happy to give rooting a shot finally. So is your recommendation to start with the Classroom leak above? I have to plead ignorance when it comes to all of the terminology of "root", "rom", etc. etc. If I can see all of that in one place, it will make perfect sense to me. I'm guessing that all of the "Rooting for Dummies" books have all been checked out at the library! I never had any fears in my Blackberry days.
    Well to put it bluntly, Matt L Groff has given of life and limb to build and hone a tool that is invaluable and has been the savior of easily tens, potentially hundreds of thousands, and quite possibly millions for all I know. That tool, the Droid RAZR Utility, has taken all but the most unique situation problems and wrapped them into a 1,2,3,4 menu selection process. If you can follow simple instructions and don't suffer too badly from ADD or ADHD (I am a tad both, I think), then you should be alright. Given that you've walked the walk with the Blackberry already (and 'thems' was the "Wild West" days), then I am confident you'll come out shining like a newly polished pair of riding boots!

    Go to the FoxKat's Razr/Maxx Jelly Bean Leak Classroom W/MattyP & Friends thread, read the OP through completely once, then for good measure - read it again. Once you're confident you have the steps down, do a dry run...using the instructions go to the various menus and see what they look like. Then download the required drivers and tools and prepare yourself for the wormhole into the new dimension that is Jelly Bean!

    Don't forget to say "HI!" over there, and don't be a stranger. You're now a part of this family and you'd better act like it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bocabean View Post
    Thanks Redsnk95 and YellowJacket. I am aware that the apps will download from GP. More concerned about data, email and txts. I have in fact been using a number of options but I am always afraid of double up.

    For my contacts and calendars, I use DejaOffice on the phone along with CompanionLink on the desktop. That has been working great for me. It has kept my Outlook files in good order. I also have been using Rerware's Mybackup, I believe that it is a Pro version. What I am uncertain of is whether or not the MyBackup app will also back up the text messages. Hopefully it does. I just checked out SMS over at Google Play, and I found various reviews by Maxx users that were not entirely happy with it. The comments seemed to consistently state that even though the text messages are restored, they are done so in random order.

    I pulled the SD card from the phone and connected it directly to the desktop (via an adapter). From there, I created a folder for the information on the SD card and then I used Xcopy /s under a DOS command prompt to copy over everything into the PC folder. I chose to do that so that the files would have their original dates.

    I am going to have to ship back the old phone, once I have retrieved everything. I am considering going ahead with rooting the new phone and I am wondering if that should be done before or after I bring everything over. It seems that the logical choice would be to first root and get the phone to JB. I have never rooted before so this will be new for me. Also, can I do it before activating the new phone.

    My guess is that Verizon will not release the official JB update until 11:59 PM on March 31st.

    Thanks again,

    Take it from experience.. keep your phone for a minimum of a week before rooting... verizon is know for sending crappy refurbs or CLNR's.. A lot of those phones are someone else's problem...
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    Re: Received replacement Maxx today...next step?

    Thanks for the advice. I just received email that the second replacement is being shipped today.

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