I know that SA was updated not that long ago. It did not seem to affect me until this morning. I noticed that every setting reported an error, but I could not necessarily see one.

I cleared the cache for the app, no help. cleared for the phone, no help. Finally, I cleared the cache and data, as well as uninstalling the update, followed by a phone cache clear again. Once I was back to the new app settings, I let the update take place again. I then went back in and using screen shots that I had previously saved from another time, I set up my customized settings once again. Seems like they changed a number of items and added a few more. What a pain in the neck to redo.

The sensitivity issue centers around the fact that every time that I put my phone down after doing almost anything with it, once it is placed on the table (or whatever surface), it will react as if I chose to change wallpaper or some other setting screen (or app) will pop up. I looked in the phone settings, but I do not see anything to address this.

I have had this phone since mid-June, have done more than a couple of fdr's over this time period, and have always had the same issue, but I never was really too concerned about it, but now it's really starting to annoy me. That's the only problem that I ever seem to have. Given that I also have a Lapdock 500 and I am afraid of how that might be affected by rooting, I have chosen to leave the phone in the stock unrooted state.

Any thoughts or suggestions?