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Thread: Phone Defaulting to Speakerphone

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    Phone Defaulting to Speakerphone

    My Maxx started acting up... defaulting to speakerphone on most calls sent and received. Once the call started, I could press the speakerphone button to turn speaker off. Still - very annoying to start calls on speaker in some situations. I tried factory reset (twice), clearing cache, etc. Still no luck. I called VW. Their tech support said I tried everything they knew to do, and said the only solution was a replacement. That phone turned out to be a dud (vibration problems), and they had to send me a new one. I set that one up on Monday, and here I am two days and about 8 phone calls later - this one is defaulting to speaker now too!!

    Ugh!!!!!!!!! Any ideas what may be causing this? I'm not rooted, running Apex Launcher. Maybe there's an app or bluetooth device causing issues? But I have so many, I have no idea where to start. I haven't sent me original phone back yet. So now I'm thinking maybe I should keep me original (new) phone and send back this "certified replacement" since the problem seems to be something with my setup rather than the phone itself. For what it's worth, I was also having a bluetooth issue from time to time with my original phone. I'd make or answer a call with bluetooth connected. The call would start on bluetooth for a second, then toggle itself off. I'd have to press the bluetooth button again to get the call back to my bluetooth device.

    Any thoughts?


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