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Thread: razor maxx wont turn on white ligt stays on while plugged in

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    droid razor maxx

    razor maxx wont turn on white ligt stays on while plugged in

    i have droid razor maxx and it wont turn on ive tried everything help me out
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    Let it charge wth the factory wall charger for a few hours....

    You might also try using a car charger... but either way.. stop trying to turn it on.. let it charge..

    It may be a total loss though..
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    Quote Originally Posted by 94lt1 View Post
    It may be a total loss though..
    So what likely caused this? I've read that we're not supposed to let the battery drain to zero, but would that really permanently brick your phone? My white LED comes on momentarily each time I plug the phone in, I assume this is normal . . .
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    Welcome to DroidForums speterson. The constant white light means the battery is not accepting the charge (quick white light is normal). For some reason it has drained too low to charge. Like 94lt1 said, keep it plugged into a wall socket with the charger that came with the phone for a few hours without touching it. Or try a car charger (sometimes delivers a rapid-stronger charge). You can also try a Verizon store. They sometimes have super chargers that might work to get your phone to charge.

    Is there anything that you are aware of that happened just before not being able to charge. Like Kevin said, letting the phone die on its own can cause this. Typically, that occurring once or twice might not hurt but doing so often or it dying without putting on charger can cause it too deep discharge too low to be able to accept a charge.

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    I had the same thing happen to me, I called verizon was close to having it replaced but charged it at work for a few hours tried turning it on and boom back to normal. Phone drained and died haven't had it happen again was weird though.
  7. Droid Sensei
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    With most phones, if your battery gets too low, you take the battery out and place it on an external charger and when it is charged, put it back in the phone. Since the Razr and MAXX have permanently installed batteries, this is not an option.

    Now, your phone goes by what it "thinks" is full and normal and counts down in between. If your phone is not calibrated, it might think the phone is at 10% (when the warning to plug your phone in pops up)when it is far less than that. So you think you have a few minutes to wrap up your text or game or whatever when you really do not. Then the battery gets so low that it will not charge as Tis described above. The one thing that might work will be to leave it on your original charging cord and charge it for a long time. Try it. Next is get a factory cable. Here is a link that talks about them.

    HOW Can I get *NOT MAKE* a "Factory" Style Programming Cable for Droid RAZR? Help?

    Of course, you can send the phone back and get a replacement.

    However you do it, once you get your phone operating again, you need to calibrate your battery so your phone "knows" (vice thinks) where full and empty are. It is very simple and Foxkat has devoted several threads discussing this and has dug into the why and not just the how.
    this is his system aka "Foxkatting" you phone!! Use you phone until the actual screen pops up and tells you to plug the phone in. This is at 10% for ICS (15% if you are on GB and have not updated to Ice Cream Sandwich). Then charge your phone overnight to ensure you get a full charge. The next day repeat the process. This will teach your phone where the limits are. You will be good to go for about 2-3 months. Repeat the process.

    There is also a good discussion on why it doesn't matter whether you run your phone to 10% and recharge or recharge at 50 or 60%. If I find the thread, I will update this post with a link.

    Good luck!
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    That's what I experienced in the middle of my US trip, pluged in charger, nothing happened, tried to turn on, nothing happened, it simply went dead.
    Next thing to do when back to Hong Kong was to send out to Moto cs, they simply replaced the entire circuit board.

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