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Well I'd like to think it's not an ICS issue, but unfortunately, i think it is. I'm not going to post links to every video that i can't watch, but other than YouTube, almost no videos work...including those on other websites as well (ie. AOL, BING, GOOGLE, etc.). If there is another website besides YouTube that wood be good for viewing videos I'd love to know about it?

Again, I've had flash installed the entire time that I've had my phone, and i had routinely watched videos on, not only Yahoo, but other websites as well. I find it too coincidental that the coding may have mysteriously changed when ICS became available. Kinda bummed that i can't watch videos related to some news articles anymore.
Thank you Sally for your in depth report on this problem. I did download Adobe Air - now I can get the commercials/ads, but still not the video that I wanted to see. I am using a video that I've viewed on the PC from Yahoo news and it's playing on the computer, but not the droid razr. I've got the latest adobe loaded, since I spent the better part of a morning on the phone with Verizon tech support who was totally unable to offer me a valid suggestion other than a factory reset. I see that factory resets are not working, so I'm glad I've not gone that route, as I have too much "stuff" to reload after doing a factory reset. I also have a problem with groups grabbing other information than what I originally entered in my contact list. The groups were set up after I went ICS OS, so that issue is not update related. Not a happy camper with an expensive "toy" that's not working as advertised. Spent the better part of a day trying to make my charter pop account "pop" not "imap" as the phone was trying to insist upon. So there's some major issues with this phone.