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Thread: Broke Glass

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    Was anyone able to successfully replace only the glass?
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    I wouldnt try it. I started picking at the glass and some come apart but most was stuck to the LCD. I think the chances of scratching or damaging the LCD are too high. It makes more since to replace the glass and screen all at one time
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    Re: Broke Glass

    Quote Originally Posted by GoBears View Post
    As FoxKat said, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to separate them. You'll most likely will crack the LCD anyway. I would never spend 200 bucks either for a new screen that I would have to install. My advice is to buy a Maxx off Craigslist for around 250. You could then sell yours for well over a 100 bucks even with the cracked screen. You will have a new phone for around 100 bucks out of your pocket and you don't have to monkey around changing out the screen.
    I'm with him. It makes more sense to buy one from Craig's for around the $200 price range. Though selling yours with a cracked screen for "well over" $100 might be a little ambitious seeing that the person buying it might have to potentially spend an extra $200 to fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluStang05 View Post
    ---- this floated around on the Razr support are for awhile with no answers so i thought i would stick it in here to see what happens

    So like so many, my Razr Maxx wound up with a shattered screen. It spider webbed the whole screen. I can find the "glass only" for a $70 with tools but most people are selling the digitizer and LCD as one. Those are in the $200 rang. On my phone the LCD is still good, to me it doesn't make since to spend $200 on the whole works when the LCD is still good.

    The videos on youtube all show replacing the LCD and Glass as one. Is it better to just spend the $200 and buy the LCD and Glass as one? I gusse I am looking at it that I have been carrying my phone for the past 5 days using it like normal and the 1/4inch glass chunks are not falling out at all. So it makes me wonder if the glass and the LCD screen are glued together. Which in my case it would be better to buy the whole works because by the time i get all the glass peiceis apart from the LCD the chances are I will end up scraching or cracking it... what do you all think?

    thanks for the help
    Right, the price of the glass only is much cheaper than that of LCD assembly, you can find the cost of these two parts from here. I suggest that you'd better buy the LCD assembly, which is easy to replace for you. Hope this can help you. Good luck.
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    The Glass alone is only 20 bucks on ebay. Search for it.
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    Someone posted over on the Droid RAZR Support forum that Motorola replaces broken glass for $100.00
    I don't know how to add a link in this post to it.
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