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Thread: Got my Maxx in the mail had to activate myself, online route... watch out!

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    Got my Maxx in the mail had to activate myself, online route... watch out!

    Another wonderful UPS experience, sigh, and here's my Maxx. Couldn't wait to break it out, installed the SIM and assumed the phone would do the rest... wrong. So obviously I jump online sign into my Verizon and begin entering codes and begin activation. Then it tried to say my grandfathered account requires a change and prompts me to change my minutes, text, and data plans! Oh hell no!!! I immediately logged out, closed the browser, and called 611 on my still operational droid x. There it just asked me if i wanted to activate a new device, asked me to confirm some numbering on my Maxx and there ya go! No more update your plan BS! Keep your current rates and unlimited data as long as you can cuz it only goes up from here. Don't be fooled, its not required as you are led to believe. Don't go online just do the star 611 deal so much quicker and easier too.
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    Pretty much the way I did mine as well. Paper work came with mine telling me to call to activate.

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    Called from my tbolt to activate the wifes new maxx (such a better phone....super jealous) and had no problems. Just entered order number and it said congrats you are activated. Turned her phone on and 3 min later she was up and rubbing her new awesomeness in my face. Last time I buy her an anniversary gift I also want.

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    That's weird. I ordered my Maxx through Amazon Wireless (still no tax, yay) and I activated it online the normal way... and I was presented with the option to keep my unlimited data, like I was expecting.

    Still though, yeah, do not screw up and agree to any new capped plan, that's for sure!


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