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Thread: S3 vs maxx hd thoughts?

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    S3 vs maxx hd thoughts?

    I'm due for an upgrade and I'm naturally trying to decide between 2 of the top phones on Verizon. It seems like there isn't a sure fire winner either way. Does anyone have any comments or help on which phone would be better? I like the rom ability of the gs3 a lot.
    The main things I'm looking for are:
    Battery ....I know the maxx wins here but how much difference is there in daily use?
    Build quality... I've heard stories of glass braking on the gs3
    I live in a good signal area if that matters. I use to have the OG droid and loved installing roms. Is that reason worth it alone to go to the gs3? I also use a MacBook and have heard of issues with the gs3 not syncing right with theses computers?

    Any help would be great appreciated
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    Samsung Galaxy S3
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    battery life for maxx is retardedly good and blows all other phones out the window. i can go 2 days before i get the warning at around 15-20% to charge. Pulled off the charge last week sunday morning at 6am and didnt have to plug up until tuesday morning when i got in the work truck. That reason alone is enough for me. Specs are as bonecrushing as s3 but they arent wack either. i dont think the s3 gets anywhere near that kind of battery life. maybe a couple of hrs before it starts crying for a charge.
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    Build quality and great reception go to the Razr.
    I had signal issues with the S3 and the battery life is less than what I get with my Razr HD (not the Maxx)
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    Re: S3 vs maxx hd thoughts?

    I get solid battery on my gs3. I usually get about 3 hours of screen time per charge. I surf the web and text

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S3
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    I had the SIII, and now I have the RAZZR MAXX HD. No looking back. If you want a phone with a great camera...get the SIII. If you want a great phone with an ok camera...get the RMHD.
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    Razr Maxx HD
    A couple of months ago I went into the Verizon store already certain I was going to buy the S3. But since I had like my Droid 2 Global I figured I'd also look at the Maxx HD, as long as I was in the store.

    Quote Originally Posted by electric turd View Post
    Battery ....I know the maxx wins here but how much difference is there in daily use?
    The difference is that the S3 may or may not get you through a day on one charge. The Maxx HD will get you through 2 days. With the Maxx HD you forget about battery problems. Which is weird, but good. Very good.

    Build quality... I've heard stories of glass braking on the gs3
    This was one of the big ones for me, right after battery life. Go to a Verizon store and ask the sales rep if you can handle the Maxx HD and the S3 without them being tethered to the counter. You may need to use the sales reps phone to do this, as I don't think they will unstrap them for you. I did this and the S3 felt plasticky, slippery, lightweight, flimsy. The Maxx was substantial, solid, weighty, stout. Another way to assess the build quality is to ask a rep to take a new one of each model out of the box and let you handle them.

    Another thing I didn't like was the hardware based "home" button on the S3. Really? I also did not like the look of the S3's screens. The pale blue motif with the ultra-modern tech font (I know this can be changed, but first impressions are lasting.)

    I left the Verizon store confused and ready to do more research. I ended up with the Maxx HD.

    The S3 does have a better camera than the Maxx HD. If this is more important to you than battery life or build quality it would be a reason to get the S3. If the camera in the S3 is rated a 9.5 (out of 10), I would rate the camera in the Maxx HD as a 7.5. It's the only disappointing thing about the phone, and it's certainly not a deal breaker.

    I can't speak to installing ROMs.
    Last edited by PowrDroid; 12-21-2012 at 09:07 AM.
    I don't care what it is, when it has an LCD screen, it makes it better.
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    Razr Maxx HD
    I have the Maxx, and my wife has the S3. We got them on the same day, so this is "both" of our opinions.
    1) Battery - Maxx hands down. Two days per charge for me, 1/2-3/4 of a day for her.
    2) Screen - Tie, neither of us can tell a difference in resolution.
    3) Camera - S3 in low light situations, tied with my Maxx in normal light. (Camera was more important to her)
    4) Durability (or what feels like durability) - Maxx, as others have said, the S3 just feels like a piece of plastic (and I can't really tell the difference in weight between the two)
    5) Accessories - Seems to be more in the S3 department.
    6) Speed - Tie - going to the same website and hitting go at the same time, we can't see a difference.
    7) Signal - Maxx. I get a much better signal than she does.

    Hope that helps. It just comes down to personal preference, and what I gave was our side by side comparison from average users.
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    Re: S3 vs maxx hd thoughts?

    I second the previous post. I just upgraded from my DP to the RAZR Maxx HD. Spent a lot of time agonizing over Maxx vs S3.

    Here's what I've come to understand :

    Given that all the other specs are equal (and aside from the camera they basically are), the massive battery becomes a sort of "force multiplier" as the navy seals would say.

    It allows you to do more for longer. It frees you from any thoughts or concerns related to running out of juice. It liberates at the same time that it empowers.

    Functionally, the only significant disadvantage the Maxx has is the lack of development. No cyanogen mod stable yet. Other than that the Maxx gets the edge in terms of function.

    In terms of form, there is no comparison. its obvious the Maxx was built with meticulous attention to detail, from the kevlar back to the serrated power button. Gorilla glass minimizes the need for a case.

    The s3 has a very light and plastic feel with no gorilla glass. Feels like it will crack if you drop it, necessitating more money and bulk for a case.

    S3 might be sexier with more bells and whistles, but overall the Maxx HD is the best phone on the market.


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