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Thread: Loud Beep after hang-up and Dock screen not coming back on

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    Loud Beep after hang-up and Dock screen not coming back on

    I have the Moto Razr, Rooted but not ROM'ed.

    I have some weird things going on with my phone and they all seem to have started 2 software updates ago.

    1st, When I am using my car dock, and going thru the blue tooth of my stereo, and hangup on a call, I get this extremely loud beep thru the stereo speakers. It is deafening. A co-worker turn on his blue tooth and link it to my stereo and tired it, we did not hear the loud beep. He has the Samsung Nexus running ICS . I am wondering if this is a setting that can be changed in ICS? Or wondering what else it could be?

    2nd, Also, after I hang up, the screen goes back to the home screen, not the dock screen. It never did this in earlier software releases.

    3rd, Sometime my notifications sounds work and sometime they don't. During a series of text messages with my wife, 50% of the time I will not get the notification sound.

    First, not sure if I should be posting in this section or not. And Second, has anybody else had these problems.

    Love Droidforum's. Keep up the work!!
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    As far as the loud beep when you hang up the last update was supposed to fix that but it didn't it seems.

    Can't help you with the dock problem because I don't have one sorry.

    I have never seen a problem with the notification sounds, I use Zedge though as I do not like the default sounds. Maybe you could try that program and see if it fixes your issue.


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