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Thread: [TUTORIAL GERMAN VODAFONE] How to root, change rom and which i can install?

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    [TUTORIAL GERMAN VODAFONE] How to root, change rom and which i can install?

    so here i am making tutorial for new android users. I almost bricked my device, so i want to make a clear and simple tutorial on how to change roms like a gloves, but one thing:

    Here you can find how to very simple root your device and change roms with kernels.

    Ok so let's start.
    First i assume that you have 2.2 FROYO rom with specified stats:
    System Version:
    Baseband version: N_01.1B.00R
    Kernel Verison:
    Build Number: V2U_3.4.2-179

    If you don't have the same stats you can brick your device!!!

    You need to know that you don't need any advanced programs for linux or RSDlite for flash.
    But you need to have specified programs to make backup - i mean ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM).
    So here we go - first we have to root our device.

    Rooting 2.2 Froyo.
    1. Download SuperOneClick:
    Always newest version - SuperOneClick | shortfuse.org
    2. Connect droid in motorola phone portal mode.
    3. Run Super one click
    4. Click Root
    5. You can get the message that you don't have installed drivers, so click yes for forcefully auto-install by this program.
    6. Let the program do his job.
    7. You can get a window with message unknown error - ignore it
    8. Another windows informs you that your device is rooted - that's great let it run a test.
    9. Now it's all You can test root by trying root-required apps like titanium backup or root browser.

    Installing recovery.
    The simplest method is to install program from market called Droid 2 Bootstrap - it is not free, so you have to pay (or find free version, don't ask me how)
    So install this program from market, launch and punch bootstrap recovery. You have to allow superuser permisiion, then you will see success window. Now press reboot recovery.

    You will see new menu. This is Clockworkmod Recovery. The most useful tool for all android devices. Here you can do backup, so if you want to change rom, please do it now as below:

    Doing Backup
    Open Recovery, you know how to do it
    Select (by using volume keys) backup and restore option, then press enter.
    Now select backup and press enter.
    Let it do his job.
    Ok backup done

    Now is the most interesting part. How to flash another ROM.
    First you need to know that for any other roms you need to change kernel and immediately go for proper backup.
    Here is some more information that can be useful for you: Summary for our Droid Pro (In Progress...) (08/05/2012) - xda-developers , but i don't really understand that, because there is a lot of misunderstanding and finally i was confused after this thread, but i just done what instinct told me and it was success.

    Going for another kernel and proper backup.
    1. Grab the kernel and it's backup - i advise you to get american kernel with it's backup, because with this kernel you can use custom roms like CM7, CM9 by JackpotCalvin (IMO the best). Now do your backup if you didn't do before! Because you have to copy backup to folder where you have your last backup!
    American kernel: 1-PRO-473-kernel.zip
    American backup: 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US.zip
    Now unpack backup to SDcard\clockworkmod\backup (there you have date and time of your last backup as folder)
    Kernel you have to copy as plain zip, don't unpack it ,just copy somewhere to sdcard and remember location.
    2. Go to recovery (Droid 2 bootstrap reboot recovery reboot)
    3. Choose option install zip from sdcard then choose zip from sdcard, then find your kernel zip - 1-PRO-473-kernel.zip , then scroll to yes and select it.
    4. Now you have flashed new kernel, DON'T RESET YOUR DEVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5. Now back to main menu using backspace key or back touch key.
    6. Choose backup and restore
    7. Select restore from American backup (2012-04-14)
    8. Select yes and press enter, let him do the job.
    9. Now you can reset device and pray for the boot First boot will take some time, so be patient (cause this backup is after wipe, so it need to install various apps), when you see droid gif and sound, your device is safe.
    10. Check version, you should have:
    Android Version - 2.3.4
    System Version - 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US
    Baseband - N_01.1B.00R
    Kernel -

    Congratulations! Now you have official gingerbread build and you can flash anything custom you want, as shown below:

    Flashing custom rom (Jackpot CM7 example):
    1. Read whole producer topic's first post, almost everytime you will find all necessary info, like here:
    After updating to one of the Official Gingerbread builds, in order to install the Cyanogenmod ROM for the first time, you must:
    Download the latest build and put it on your SD card
    Root using the one click root for the Motorola GB builds
    Install the Droid 2 Bootstrap
    Reboot into recovery
    Go to mounts and storage, and wipe system, data, and cache
    Go back and choose install zip from SD card
    Install zip
    Reboot and enjoy
    So i will explain all of the steps.

    2. You have updated to gingerbread build right before, so you can skip this step.
    3. This backup already is rooted so you can skip this step.
    4. Install Droid 2 Bootstrap from Market
    5. Click bootstrap recovery, and after success press reboot to recovery button.
    6. IMPORTANT STEP! You have to wipe(delete, format) some of your data, so be careful what you are formatting and always check if you formatting proper area of phone!
    7. So do the wipe - go to mounts and storage and wipe system, data and cache, don't do the factory reset/wipe data in main menu! Also don't format SD-EXT and SDCARD, because you will loose all data on sdcard. Now imagine - no system, no file to flash... Just emptiness xD
    8. Now install zip from sdcard, as you did with kernel, but choose right zip!! In this case it's 6-6.zip
    9. Reboot.

    And don't forget to read whole topic again for very important informations! In this case - if you will install bootstrapper on CM7 jackpot you will brick your device.

    Enjoy and have fun

    PS: Sources:
    1.Summary for our Droid Pro (In Progress...) (08/05/2012) - xda-developers
    2.SuperOneClick | shortfuse.org
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    locating file

    Great post only problem so far is getting the SuperOneClick when I find1 it either has virus or is curropt
    any link you might know that is safe and not curropt?

    its my first time trying something like this any direction much appreciated
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    Quote Originally Posted by nubdroider View Post
    Great post only problem so far is getting the SuperOneClick when I find1 it either has virus or is curropt
    any link you might know that is safe and not curropt?

    its my first time trying something like this any direction much appreciated
    Well, sorry for long respond time. My advice for superoneclick? Read post scriptum from first post, ysou habe there link t superoneclickk. If you cannot open this site or download, please contact me, and i try to upload this file somewhere else.
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    Thumbs up Thank you soooo much

    You have done a very good job in explaining this, so that i was finaly able to upgrade my XT610!

    I wish i had found this post earlier!

    Being on Linux, i found the zergRush_automated_Linux_root very easy to use in order to root my Droid Pro.

    Is this post to be found on other known forums ?

    Again, ThanX


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