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It's pretty easy to tell which ones are the more recent ROMs if you would take a second to look at the context clues. The last post in this thread before you was back in February. It says right there in the link title that the Apex ROM is from October of last year. The last post in the CM9 ROM thread was yesterday. The Gummy ROM thread was started on the 17th of April, and the last post was on Monday. This is all information acquired from the page that lists the threads. I didn't even have to open the threads to get these clues.

Come on...at least put some effort into figuring things out before you make posts. It's one thing to be a noob to flashing and all that, but anybody with basic reading comprehension skills could have figured out that this ROM isn't the most recent one, or that Apex isn't even an ICS ROM.
Hang on a minute, I said Apex is a GB ROM and by that what I mean is that Apex is the best stable thing we got with everything working aka ICS isn't quite ready yet for some users.

And yes we can see thread start dates but you can't see if the ROM has been updated in one of the replies or people's feedback too easily because I can't put a single thread in one page so you got to search the thread, but this isn't as fast as being about to scroll and skim read the entire thread to get an overview. The thread start date isn't always going to be a reliable sign of how recent the ROM is.

With all this you're reliant on the OP summerising in changelogs and comments in the first post. Some people reserve the a blank reply in the first few replies for this.
Another thing I've noticed now that because of this on XdaDevs each ROM release gets it's own thread.

From what I can tell Apex is the best proven ROM but it's GB and CM9 is the closest to a reliable ICS ROM we have so far, but it's not quite there yet for everyday use. My point is that it's taken me a lot of reading and testing to figure this out. It's easy to disagree if you've been following this forum for a while but you have to bear in mind that for some this is the first time here. I've never even used a GB ROM and I'm coming from Samsung where dev is easier and clearer and with some subtle differences that can really throw someone new to the Droid. If I get things sorted I'll have to write up a summary in a wiki where it's hopefully easier to find and link it in my sig.

Also, using "DroidPro" or VT610 rather than "Droid Pro" makes searching easier.

In addition I hear that there are hardware errors with some VT610 and we need to make sure this doesn't get confused into software problems.

But yeah, I'd really like to have a non-paginate option on the forum.