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Thread: Repaired my LCD, stuck in bootloop hell, unable to access bootloader....

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    U have to somehow load cwm and restore same nandroid. Then flash sbf. It will load fore sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaihg View Post
    U have to somehow load cwm and restore same nandroid. Then flash sbf. It will load fore sure

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    The problem lies in the fact that I can't get anything to work. I have

    1. Bootloader: Unable to access

    2. Stock Recovery: Unable to access

    3. Clockwork Recovery: Unable to access

    4. Phone currently has 1005 build of CM installed but I restored data from a nand backup that caused a bootloop

    5. Starting phone with power+R+M causes screen to stay lit but black, as in no graphics and recovery never starts. I left it for nearly 10 minutes like that hoping that recovery would eventually start.

    6. Starting phone with power+x will not start clockwork recovery. phone starts, rem M logo, CM starts booting, stops, and keeps restarting, hence bootloop. I have done multiple battery pulls with and without the charger.

    7. Starting with power+vol up+vol down to start bootloader doesn't work either. the phone just ignores the volume buttons and powers to the red M, then the bootlooping cm ROM that is on the phone.

    8. I have taken the phone apart 4 times now and everything is in its place. nothing is bent, nothing is missing. side buttons are working fine and activating their respective buttons on the internal boards. LCD works, obviously as I can see the red M and the bootlooping CM animation.

    9. Without being able to access a recovery to wipe data and without being able to access the bootloader to SBF either back to 3.8.7 or even back to stock 2.26.20, I have a useless paperweight. As far as I know, there is not a desktop way to get the phone back to stock other than using the SBF file using RSD light. There aren't any RUU.exe files that can be run from the desktop like there are for HTC devices such as my brother's Droid Incredible.

    10. I have a Droid Incredible on the way

    If only the SBF was installed in a portion of memory on the phone itself that could only be accessed by pressing a hidden reset switch on the phone.....hahahaha. wishful thinking for the oh oh moments when dealing with ROMs. LOL.

    Time to change my signature......
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    When in bootloop will phone communicate with PC via USB?

    If so you can try, all be it a long shot, download sdk manager and try adb shell to get into CWM

    Also post in the rescue squad in the forum

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    Your battery is full? Can you charge? Can you see the light during charging?
    Try to reboot pressing also "s".
    When you try this combination, before you must pull your battery, then push power button... and keep pressed power and the other combinations...
    Yes... my English is horrible...

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