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Thread: why 2.2 upgrade?

  1. Droid
    macgyver1307's Avatar
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    May 2010
    moto droid
    I'm just hoping that we see Honeycomb soon and It's way better.

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  2. Junior Droid
    orangecountyfell's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    HTC Droid Incredible

    Smile Battery life

    I deleted advanced task killer and my battery life is much better. It really drained my battery quickly.
  3. Droid
    davidbehrns's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Aurora, CO
    Enter Current Phone Here
    Quote Originally Posted by orangecountyfell View Post
    I deleted advanced task killer and my battery life is much better. It really drained my battery quickly.
    So the thing that is supposed to kill tasks to give the phone more battery life is itself the problem? Interesting. I should delete mine and see if that improves anything (although since the "full" upgrade I have not had the same problems that I did with the patch)
  4. Droid Ninja
    Darkseider's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Motorola Droid
    For everyone that is bellyaching about Froyo. Backup your pictures, data, music, movies, download folder from your SD Card to your PC. Then format your SDCard Fat32. Then boot your phone into recovery and do a factory reset for the hell of it. Boot your phone up and copy the folders back (DCIM, Download, Video, etc..) that you pulled off. Go to the market and reinstall your apps. All better. Seems that Froyo OTA worked well for some and not for others but starting clean makes all the difference.


    You can root your phone. Install a custom kernel and ROM and enjoy the fruits of the Droid mod/dev community and experience the Droid as it was intended.

    Your choice. Now stop the bellyaching, take charge of the situation and do whichever you choose to fix the problems you are experiencing.
    OG Droid w/ Pete's GPA16 w/ stock Kernel using auto OC script. (retired)

    LG G2X w/ rooted 2.3.3 leak.

    It's OK for your Droid to be different. Just be supportive and reassuring and it will do just fine. It's when you or other people point at it or mock it for being different is when its' feelings get hurt. Just show it unconditional love regardless of its' differences and it will in turn reciprocate that love and loyalty.
  5. Junior Droid
    D2FX's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Droid X
    Other then the New gay, fat, fluffy, always running, stupid new apps like kindle and amazon and skype; i like the new update.
  6. Master Droid
    everstar80's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    the light of the moon
    Motorola Droid 3
    I do love the update we received almost two months ago. But with all the devices they are releasing in the coming weeks that we aren't getting the updates and with lte coming up and the superphone, our devices are getting ignored.
  7. Master Droid
    NVash's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Motorola Droid
    Im so so on the update. I loved it until it jacked up my phone.

    - Apps dont seem to update themselves properly anymore, Ive had to uninstall one because it kept messing up the phone. Maybe that could be my own fault since I had so many updates to install and tried to do it all at once. I dont know
    - Flash was a severe dissapointment. I wanted it to play games on my phone, little did I know itd take so long to load the games that they time out or I lose interest before I can play. Guess I gotta wait for the official apps if and when they ever get made
    - The home screen icons take forever to load now, Im talking 30 seconds to maybe a minute. A minute is exaggerating but most times my screen times out and dims itself before the icons show
    - The camera, what the heck happened to the camera? Its a little better now in functionality but the gallery? Nowhere near it. Dont take a pic and try to show someone immediately, youll have to wait awhile. Think you might avoid that, exit the camera and just go to the Gallery? Its no better there. In fact it just might be worse
    - The phone is just about as slow as molasses

    Granted, I still like my phone and wouldnt trade it but Im just annoyed that the update slowed it down so much. I dont mind Amazon, Kindle or even Skype. I use Amazon and Kindle, dont use Skype. Dont think they affect my phones performance at all. I could wipe it again and start from scratch but honestly, Ive done that twice already. It got old the first time and some apps I have are no longer in the Market. I have no clue why, just know they arent. If I can Im going to try to avoid wiping it. Ill just deal with it being slow and occasionally complain. I have a friend in the same boat, he knows what I mean.
  8. Droid Newbie
    racer24crm's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Outside Philadelphia
    Galaxy Nexus
    love 2.2 on my incredible. Battery lasts a good 10 hours longer now and it is much faster.

    For those wondering about Advanced Task Killer, try turning on manual task killing. From what I've been able to find on the issue, when ever an app starts up and runs in the background, it is just sitting in the memory and is not using any processing power, meaning it is not using any battery life.

    Once YOU start an app, the OS determines whether or not it needs more memory and will shutdown the unused apps automatically to make room. So, by running the task killer and having it kill apps all the time is actually using processing power and drains the battery quicker as opposed to just letting something sit quietly in the memory.

    Thats just what I've gathered, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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