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Thread: how long of battery life do you get?

  1. Master Droid
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    LG G2

    how long of battery life do you get?

    How long of battery life do you get with your phone. Feel free to post ehat kind of,phone u have and how long u get with it
    LG G2 going so fast that you can't even see it move.

  2. Master Droid
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    RAZR-DX-Dinc-Rezound-NOTE 3
    I have the Note 3 - I typically plug it it an night just to get a full charge (not that I need to), but when I've tried to let it run down (with moderate use) I've gotten 26 hours out of it.
  3. Droid Sensei
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    Galaxy S3
    I also have a Note 3. I can get a full day's use out of it and can get 24+ hours but it will be dead after that.
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  4. Senior Droid
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    Galaxy Note 3
    Note 3 here too. Same as others, awesome battery life. Really have to work it hard to kill the battery before going to bed and plugging in.
  5. Droid Newbie
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    Droid 4

    Short answer: Average of a half a day with normal (heavy) usage. Long answer below.

    Short answer: Average of a half a day with normal (i.e. heavy) usage.

    Long answer: Droid 4 is a pocket tablet and I use it like one. If I'm busy doing other things, so that I leave it alone and only take and make phone calls with it, I might get 24 hours out of it, but that almost never happens. If I get stuck in a rut of web browsing or watching streaming videos it can last about 2-3 hours. My boy playing angry birds on it can drain it in an hour. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync are all on pretty much 24/7 and screen backlight is on auto. I use Car Home Ultra on long trips (the speedometer on the car is kaput) while plugged in and the phone charges more slowly, so it will usually top it off in an hour, but if I'm listening to Pandora too it doesn't charge hardly at all. I drain the phone to red at least once most days. I don't use an animated desktop, except docked in webtop mode where I know it will have a constant supply of power.

    I have a recharger battery that I keep handy and use a Droid HD station at work. I have other chargers staged at other places where I might be too busy to play.
    My Plantonics Voyager means that I can recharge the phone at home, if I need to, and still take calls easily. It also means that I can leave the phone in the dock at work and make and take phone calls while using it in webtop for anything else, so that I have a full charge when I walk away with it. Little known fact, the phone gets better performance in webtop mode--I know, different topic.


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