gmail app will not mark email as read on the server and will not even send an email without doing refresh. Yes I disabled the auto sync.
NOW when on the "accounts" screen in gmail app if you press on menu you can go to a settings. There are 2 of them there.
Background data and autosync. Even when both enabled The server is not updated immediately if a message is read (probably happens after an auto sync).
what makes sense is to enable the background but disable the auto sync. So if I send a message or read it it can do the sync but not do it all the time byitself. But no that does not work.
Incredible you are NOT incredible!
Would someone explain to me what I am doing wrong?
and NO I do not want to use the mail client of the OS. It sucks too. At least here you can search for emails.
And another question. Why when I go to labels and click on "sent" it always finds nothing?