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Thread: Questions

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    Hey guys this is my first time using an android phone (avid blackberry user here), i'm using sensation 4G!

    anyway here are some of my questions. hopefully you guys can help me out.

    1. I have 4 different email accounts. yahoo, gmail, aol and hotmail.
    I'm able to change the tone of my Gmail account to a certain tone. but there are no options whatsoever for the the other 3. when I go to the notification settings all I can see is "notification sound" on or off.
    I want these 3 emails to have different tones from one another. is it possible to do this?
    I also want a distinctive sound when I receive a notification for my facbeook twitter or when somebody sends me a message on yahoo messenger or AOL.

    so far, they only have sound. how do i customize?

    2. Can i hide some apps from the app list? Can I group them into a folder or something like blackberry?

    3. customize sound profile. There's only 3 options on my phone "normal, vibrate and silent". is there any way I can customize this?

    like I want my phone to ring when I receive a call but i don't want any sound when I get texts/emails/facebook notifications/twitter/etc

    please help. I'm frustrated over this phone. been looking and reading on the net for hours.

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    As far as email accounts, are you bundling them all in messaging? For my phone,(stock everything) there are separate apps I use for yahoo, gmail and outlook.

    I'm a noob myself, this is the only way I know how. The yahoo app has default ringtone not the same as stock messaging app and also has purple light

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    K-9 Email can handle multiple accounts with a different notification sound for each. Free app.

    DInc with CyanogenMod 6.1 and Invisiblek #28 kernel.


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